Dr. Lew Sterrett

From growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania and getting involved in 4-H at age 8, to attending Penn State University and majoring in the animal industry field, Dr. Lew Sterrett had many opportunities to learn from qualified trainers and educators.

During his University years he was confronted with his need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After his graduation he later went to earn his master’s degree in Divinity and his doctorate in Leadership Training.

Throughout his lifetime Dr. Lew has expressed his concern for Biblical leadership development as a director of a major camp and conference center, a founder of a discipleship school, a former president of CHA (an instructor safety certification program) and as a certified youth, marriage, and family counselor.

He has received many prestigious national awards for his influence in leadership such as the National Leadership Award from the National Republican Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council and the Moody Bible Institute-Most Influential People.

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