Reviews from EDGEcon Attendees

Extremely educational conference

I was given a lot of small keys that you can apply to your business to make a big difference in your life

John Lapp
MasterLink Supply

It was amazing!

Inspired by the power of creating and investing in relationships.

Aaron Lapp Jr
Fontana Outdoors

Dynamic, transformative, life-changing

I loved all the life stories!!

Alvin Lapp
Fontana Outdoors

Well worth it!

I learned better how to deal with differences in my team, articulate goals, and build company culture.

Felix Hershberger
Hershberger & Sons inc...

It was amazing

I was challenged to up my game to the next level.

Ephraim Zook
Dutch Country Farm Market

Extremely impactful content

The passion from each speaker for helping everyone being the absolute best they can is amazing.

John Stoltzfus

Inspiring and motivating

This was a renewal of priorities for my business

Richard Duane Yoder

Very inspiring and encouraging

The best take away was that God is not a God of lack, but of abundance. I love that you share the word of God throughout the experience and the teachings. Thank you for all the hardwork and effort it takes to put together such an event!

Wayne Hershberger
Discover America Tours LLC

Inspiring, life changing!

Appreciate the call to character and relationship-centered leadership.

Jaylan Martin
City Line real Estate

It was transformative

I appreciated:

The candid conversation and the amazing speakers.
The open conversation about God and spiritual things and how to apply that in life and business.
The relationships that were started and enhanced through this event.
To be in the presence of great men and woman and to be stretched in my mindsets and thinking.

Dave Stoltzfus

An enlightening and growing experience

Loved all the topics. It was very good experience. Thank you so much for making me part of Edgecon.

Edward Yoder
Eagle eye Excavation

Absolutely worth it

The whole seminar was geared around scripture. “Instead of saying ‘one day’, say ‘day one’ and act on it.”

Daniel J Slabaugh
Slabaugh's water conditioning

Influential in all areas!

They did a wonderful job of sharing how God and business go hand in hand! Such an inspiration!!
Thank you Dave Kauffman for another knock out Edgecon experience!!

Katurah Martin

Foundational and Transformative Principles.

THE place for growth and an environment that gives you foundational principals to create your legacy. Great speakers, great culture, and exceptional experience.

Wayne Hershberger
Westwind Property Solutions

Gods plan for leadership

I loved the God centered focus on leadership. Adapt and relate like Jesus did in relationships is fundamental for family, church, and business life.

Elias Martin
Renew Roofing

Definitely the most transformational business conference!

“Not what people believe about you but what you believe about them.” ~Nate Hearne

Doug Martin

Life changing knowledge

What was taught had value even for a me as a mother leading young children and not only business technicalities. Better relationships makes all life areas better!

Carissa Martin
Renew Roofing

Inspirational, powerful content. Just Wow!

This was by far the best conference that I ever attended

John allgyer
JMA exteriors llc

Incredibly challenging and encouraging

I loved learning about leadership, first by learning to lead yourself and then learning how to adapt and relate to your employees and your clients.

Kenneth Eash

Empowering, inspiring, transformational, and fun!

I felt a deep connection with the speakers. They really care about YOU!
They also had Amazing food!

Daniel Fisher
WilLine Builders

Valuable Content

The value placed on people was awesome. I learned a lot from the speakers.

Darrel Plank
Countryside Woodworking

Ellen Rohr

I was so glad I was here. I found it so encouraging and inspiring. It’s been a GREAT time with a wonderful audience.

Ellen Rohr (Speaker and Small Business Expert)

Attendee #4

The things I’m hearing and learning here are not only changing my life but will help change my clients lives also.

Conference Attendee

Attendee #3

I highly recommend EdgeCon. It’s a place to surround yourself with people that are better than you so you can continue to grow yourself beyond where you are now.

Conference Attendee

Attendee #2

We saw some great speakers. There’s lots of energy here. It’s a great opportunity for anybody that’s looking to get a little more focused on what they want to do and how to go to the next level in their business or even their personal life.

Conference Attendee

Attendee #1

It’s an amazing event. Everything is well-done. The line-up of speakers is great! Amazing content and so much we can learn.

Conference Attendee

Jacob Salem

One of the most well put together events I’ve ever been to. The breakout sessions were top-notch and the keynote sessions delivered real value and weren’t just a pitch-fest. I couldn’t have asked for a better event.

Jacob Salem (Founder/CEO EZMetrics, LLC)

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