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Promote Transformation As An EDGEcon Ambassador

It’s no secret that EDGEcon is all about Transformation. It’s why we exist. Now we want to invite those of you who have experienced this transformation to partner with us in helping other’s experience the same thing. In the process you can earn some money – which we’re also all about. 😉 Below are the EDGEcon Ambassador details for 2024.

The EDGEcon 2024 Ambassador Program

  • $50 paid to you for every ticket purchased through your unique Ambassador code
  • $25 discount per ticket for anyone who uses your unique Ambassador code
  • Minimum of 5 tickets must be purchased through your code before March 1, 2024 for payment eligibility
  • At least 2 business owners must purchase tickets through your code for payment eligibility
  • Only tickets purchased by and for new EDGEcon attendees will qualify for the Ambassador totals
  • Coupon codes CANNOT be used to purchase tickets for yourself or for employees in your business
  • Sell 10 tickets and receive a $100 bonus

The Ambassador program exists for the purpose of promoting EDGEcon to your friends, especially those who are business owners, that have never attended EDGEcon before. We’re only going to get bigger and better and are looking for committed individuals to join a small group of Ambassadors who want to help grow this event. As an Ambassador, you’ll also be given VIP seating access at EDGEcon 2024 IF you reach your eligibility requirements as laid out above.

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